Robotics and Automation Equipment Links

Factory automation equipment and robotics needs a specialized directory, that includes the suppliers and web sites you need for your latest project! This page will be constantly updated.

The links on this page, are for your information. They include interesting sites, that have unique information and manufacturers, offering automation equipment, that you will find useful, when you are involved in a project.

Home Automation Products

Robots in Every Home. A fascinating site that gives lots of information on the state of the art in home robots. From robotic vacuum cleaners to robot toys. All are featured and described in detail.

Pick and Place Modules

Festo is a German Company, with offices and services around the World.

SMC Corporation is a Japanese Company and has World wide coverage.

Barrington Automation is a US Company that specializes in modular automation.

Automation Supplies

Circuit Specialists Inc, has all the test equipment and tools for circuit board fabrication.

Stepper motors and controllers, along with panel meters and chemical products are available.

PC Board Assembly

Bittele Electronics offers a full range of circuit assembly services but specializes in small volume and prototype orders.

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