Engineering Consulting Services

Engineering consulting services and automation systems engineering from small projects to the more complex, including Robotics in Manufacturing.

Engineering Consulting Services

If you are looking for a mechanical designer or consultant, please fill out the form below and I will respond promptly. The photo above, shows a robot work cell, used for small, precision, part marking, designed by myself, Bob Bishop. 

To be 100% honest, with you, the prime purpose, of this web site is to generate business for the writer! I am now retired, but I have been in the automation business all my life.

Starting over 40 years ago, in England, as an apprentice draftsman, with a system integrator. Later we emigrated to Canada, and I now divide our time between Florida and Toronto.

During those 40 years, I have worked, exclusively, in the automation industry, as a designer, then as chief mechanical designer and have started and run a total of 5 industrial automation integrators. 

Thankfully, the vast majority of the projects we have been involved in, were successful, but we have seen our share, of the- not-so-successful, and consider ourselves an honor graduate of "The School Of Hard Knocks!".

 The benefit for you is that I have learned from those "not-so-successful" projects, in the field of industrial automation consulting and can pass that experience on to you!

Please don't get me wrong! In the field of engineering consulting services, I have never had a project that failed!

We have been intimately involved in all types of factory automation, referred to, in the pages of this web site, and offer our engineering consulting services, to help you select equipment for your application and factory process.

I also, respectfully, consider myself an expert designer and detailer of automation, so I can offer you a wide range of services, that I guarantee, you will be fully satisfied with. 

If you are contemplating your first factory automation project and feel confident enough to start yourself - (hopefully this website has given you the confidence!) - then good luck and please remember that we are here if you have any questions! 

The smaller projects can be successful, using suppliers as consultants, but be prepared to spend more time than you think, preparing requests for quotation, evaluating responses etc. etc. 

The larger and more complex, factory automation projects will probably require professional help - up to and including a complete engineering consulting service.  Let us, as consultants, find the experts that can design your project quickly and cost effectively. 

Please don't underestimate the amount of time required for these projects and your first foray into the world of engineering consulting services should be a complete success.

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Work Experience Highlights

Proficient in AutoCAD (2D) and Solidworks (3D) design software.(Cad)

Has spent over 40 years in design of machines and parts.

The majority of this time was spent, supplying the Automotive Parts Industry.

Equipment designed, included Automated assembly lines (Linear transfer systems and dial indexers) for the assembly of Door locks, door hinges, seat rails, foot pedals, hand brakes, window regulators, solenoids, electric assemblies, fuel injector controls, etc., etc. · Automated welding equipment, including robotic weld cells. · Nd.YAG welding equipment, for tailor welded blank production. (7 patents issued). 

Duties Performed. 

Sales. · Initial concept design. · Concept budget and price. · Preparation of quotation. · Closing of sale. · Project management. · Project design. · Machine detailing. · Preparation of bills of material. · Purchasing. · Supervision of build. · Customer acceptance. · Engineering consulting services.


· Husky Injection Molding Systems, Bolton, Ontario. 1971-1975. · Titan Proform Ltd. Scarborough, Ontario. 1975-1979. · Automated Systems Inc, Markham, Ontario 1979-1991. · Automated Welding Systems Inc. Markham, Ontario. 1991-2001 · Phoenix Assembly Systems Inc. Barrie, Ontario. 2002-2005 · Automation Consultant. 2005 - present.


This 2-D CAD drawing depicts the robotic work cell, shown in the photo at the top of this page. If you click on the drawing image you will have access to a PDF file, that can be printed. Full details are available here.

This drawing is of a rotary indexer, designed by the writer. Full details can be found here.

These examples are the more complex engineering consulting services that I can perform. I am also interested in the smaller and simpler projects. I have recently been given a free hand sketch and have been able to generate, complete detailed engineering drawings, that satisfied the customer, in a very short time!

Engineering consulting services can also not include any drafting at all. Many of my recent projects have been to find potential suppliers to solve an automation problem. Finding competent and experienced suppliers can be a tremendous boost to many projects!

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