Home Robotics

Home robotics, from robotic vacuum cleaners to the latest robot toys and pet care automation. Here you will find many types described and some reviews of the most popular.

If you would like to build a robot as a hobby you will find help on these pages.

During my professional life, I spent a lot of time around robots of many different types. I was involved, as a System Integrator, in selecting, purchasing and commissioning robots for a wide variety of tasks.

Robotics Technology

None of them looked a bit like Asimo (Pictured on the left)! They were practical, economically justifiable machines that performed a repeatable task, that would generally be accomplished by a human.

A robot is normally quicker, faster and less susceptible to fatigue, when compared to a person. Robots like Honda's Asimo are wonderful examples of the latest robotics technology, but applications are very limited and the cost today is prohibitive, for the majority of applications.

Home Robotics: The Robot Vacuum Cleaner

One area of robotics technology that is rapidly expanding, is that of home robotics. One of the most popular of household robots are the robotic vacuum cleaners and the most popular are the products produced by IRobot, the Roomba vacuum robot. You will see many pages devoted to these automation marvels and reviews and descriptions of many types.

Our objective is to do a LOT of research into a the home robotics available today and present it to you in an easy, readable format, that is useful. We do a lot of research, so as you don't have to! Our intent is to cover the field and condense the best and most informative information, on these pages.

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Robot Toys

Robotic toys are available in all kinds of styles and prices. We are trying to sort out the wheat from the chaff and present you with information on the best value for money and the best educational packages available.

Also we will present you with the products that are the most fun in this area of robotic technology!

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Robotic Pet Care

For those who cannot be home to care for their pets, do not despair! Automation to the rescue!

Litter boxes have evolved to the point where they will self flush, clean and dry. all automatically.

Pet doors, actuated by a collar, will open when the pet approaches the door and close when the cat or dog is clear.

Pet feeders can be programmed to release a controlled amount of food at specific times.

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