The Evolution Robotics Mint Floor Cleaner

Evolution Robotics Mint Floor Cleaner

The Evolution Robotics Mint is not a robot vacuum cleaner but a robotic floor cleaner that will not clean carpets, but does a great job on all types of hard floors (hardwood, tiles, vinyl etc.)

It is more like a robotic mop or swiffer and has no vacuum cleaner built-in.

The Mint Floor Cleaner Features

A unique feature of the Mint is the Northstar Navigation System. This system consists of a small cube, that emits an infrared light, in the form of a few dots, that it projects onto the ceiling. On the top surface of the Mint, is a black triangle and this is where the unit "reads" the dots.

This system is kind of like an indoor GPS system and Mint knows where it is, at all times and maps the room it is cleaning. It learns as it goes and will periodically stop and update the information, as it comes along.

Evolution Robotics

The unit also has cliff sensors to detect stairs and bumper sensors for furniture and walls. It will detect thick mats and rugs but the thin ones may get a mopping! Best to lift them up out of the way or block them off some how.

The cube projector is a reference point and the automatic floor cleaner will clean an area of 1000square feet when in the "swiffer" mode but just 250 square feet when in the wet mop mode. This is to ensure that the wet cleaning cloth, is still wet at the end of the cleaning cycle.

Evolution Robotics

Mint will keep cleaning until the job is finished and return to the spot where it started. It will run for a maximum of 3 hours when in "dry" mode or 2 hours in "wet" mode.

For recharging, the plug-in socket is on the bottom of the unit, which seems to be not the best place for it! It can get quite dirty down there and the Mint must be propped up when being recharged. I would think that on the side or the top would have been a lot better spot for this. Recharging can take overnight or until the blue light comes on.

The cleaning cloth use on this robotic floor cleaner, can be anything you wish and dry or wet. The cloth is attached by a clever magnetic system that takes just a few minutes to change. The cloths can be disposable or re-usable micro-fiber cloths. The flat white microfiber cloths are great for attracting dust and dirt while dry cleaning. The textured gray cloths hold water and loosen and grab deeper dirt, when mopping.

Of the few cleaning robots available, the Evolution Robotics Mint is a very good deal, with a price under $200. If you have lots of hardwood floors and tiles then give this unit a close look!

This diagram shows the pattern that Mint follows, when the "dry" mode is selected.

Now the unit cleans the room by moving in straight lines ( whilst avoiding obstacles) and picks up dust, dirt and hair.

Here we see the pattern when the "wet" mode is used. Now on oscillating pattern is used, to dampen the floor and efficiently clean in a "mopping" style.

The Contents of the Box

  • 1- Evolution Robotics Mint Floor Cleaner
  • 1-NorthStar Navigation Cube, with 2 C-batteries.
  • 1- Battery charger.
  • 2- Dry cleaning cloths.
  • 1- Wet cleaning cloth.
  • 1- Quick start guide.
  • 1- User Manual.
  • 1- Year Warranty.

Video of the Evolution Robotics Mint.


  • Whisper quiet operation.
  • Runs up to 3 hours on a single charger.
  • Mint turns itself off when finished.
  • Very low maintenance- no bin to empty or filters to change.
  • Navigation system works well.
  • Fast operation.


  • Does not like heater vents!
  • Will not clean carpets.
  • Charging port on the bottom is a serious design error!
  • A fast charger and battery would be better.

If your home is mainly tile and hardwood flooring, then the Evolution Technology Mint should be a serious contender for your robot sweeper needs!

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