The Honda Robot Asimo

The Honda Robot is maybe the best walking robot on the planet and probably the smartest in artificial intelligence.

The photo to the left shows Asimo conducting an orchestra-just one example of what is possible with this level of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). The name of this Honda robot is also an acronym (surprise!) It stands for-Advanced Step in Innovative MObility.

The current model dates back to 1986 and has twelve predecessors. (Ancestors?) Honda has invested millions in the development of the Asimo robot  and each current model costs about $1M USD.

The video below is a Honda commercial that shows what is possible with today's robotic engineering.

Asimo is now appearing all over the world, advertising Honda and its commitment to advancing technology.

When designing the Honda Asimo robot it was decided at an early stage that IT should interact with humans and to not in any way appear to pose any kind of threat to adults or children. The size (that of a small child) and astronaut type appearance has worked well in this respect.


  • Mass  - 54Kg.(118.8lbs)
  • Height  - 130 cm (51,18")
  • Width  - 45 cm (17.72")
  • Walking speed  -2.7 km/hour. 1.6 km/hour carrying 1 kg. (1.67 MPH. 1.0 MPH carrying 2.2 lbs)
  • Running speed  - 6 km/hour (straight)  5 km/hour (circling) ( 3.73 MPH and 3.11 MPH)
  • Airborne time  - 0.08secs (Between steps)
  • Battery  - Lithium ion. 51.8V/6 Kg. (13.2lbs)  3 hours to fully charge.
  • Continuous operating time  - 40 mins to 1 hour (walking)
  • Degrees of freedom (No. of Axis)  - 34 (3 in the head, 7 in each arm,2 in each hand, 1 in the torso and 6 in each leg.)

Asimo's height will allow him (?) to work in the office or at home-

The Control Unit

Honda has created  a 3D CPU (Central Processing Unit)_ to power the robot consisting of three stacked dice: a processor, a signal converter and some memory. The operating system is VxWorks.

The Artificial Intellegence of the Honda Robot Allows-

  1. RECOGNITION OF MOVING OBJECTS -  can detect the movement of multiple objects, assessing distance and direction.
  2. RECOGNITION OF POSTURES AND GESTURES -  can interpret hand gestures, thus Asimo can react to voice and to human natural movements.
  3. ENVIRONMENT RECOGNITION.-  The Asimo robot will stop and start to avoid a human or other moving object and recognize immobile objects and move around them.
  4. DISTINGUISHING SOUNDS-  can recognize when its name is called and face the sound source. Look at the face of the person speaking and respond.
  5. FACE RECOGNITION -  can recognize  ten different people and address them by name.

Network Integration:

  1. INTEGRATION WITH USERS NETWORK SYSTEM.-  can act as a receptionist and direct visitors to predetermined locations.
  2. INTERNET CONNECTIVITY.-  can access information via the internet and provide news and weather updates.

The Honda Robot Asimo at Work

The Honda robot can only be seen at some auto shows and at the Honda factory, in Japan.

I do not believe that Honda are considering selling the robot for industrial use.

Asimo can also work with other Asimos and share the workload. It also knows when its battery is running low and will walk to the nearest charging station and plug itself in!

For more information on Asimo, visit the Honda site dedicated to this robot by clicking here

Two Asimos working together serving coffeeTwo Asimos working together serving coffee

Asimo moving aside to allow a human to pass.Asimo moving aside to allow a human to pass.

The pause that refreshes! Asimo at a charging station.The pause that refreshes! Asimo at a charging station.

The video below was made by a visitor to Honda and shows many interesting details of the Asimo robot.

This video is a true short film documentary about people and robots, Very well done!

Honda Asimo Robot

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