The i Robot Roomba 780
The Flagship of the range

The latest i Robot Roomba vacuum is the model 780. This is the premium Roomba offering and combines the latest robotic and cleaning technologies, to make the superior robotic vacuum.

Roomba 780 Features

Roomba 780 Features

The new version of Roomba uses the patented 3-stage cleaning device, that is capable of vacuuming carpets, hardwood, tile and linoleum floors in a completely automated cycle. It can adjust from one type of floor to another and continue working while you do something else or even leave the house!

The advanced cleaning head is particularly good for pet-owners and efficiently picks up pet hair, dirt and dust.

The new larger Aerovac Series 2 bin uses a powerful vacuum to pull debris and hair off the brushes and into the single chamber bin that fills evenly and holds more dust than the older models.

The dual Hepa air filters retain dust particles as small as 0.3 microns and leave fresher healthier air behind.

The new i Robot Roomba is only 3.6" high. allowing it to move under beds and furniture with ease, reaching places a conventional vacuum finds impossible to navigate.

It also features optical and acoustic sensors that detects excessive dirt and programs a back and forth motion to remove all traces, effectively adding extra "elbow grease" to areas that need it!

Roomba 780 Features

The Roomba 780 automatically adjusts to your home and monitors the area 60 times per second, using varied sensors, like cliff detection that prevents the robotic vacuum from falling down stairs and has dozens of behavior patterns available, including wall following.

The molded soft touch bumper cushions contact between furniture and walls and prevents damage to furniture or the robotic vacuum cleaner.

Roomba 780 Accessories

Roomba 780 Accessories

Here we can see the i Robot Roomba Virtual Wall Lighthouse. This unit emits an infra-red light beam and is usually positioned in a doorway. The light beam keeps the robotic vacuum in one room, until that room is completely cleaned. Then it allows the robotic vacuum into the second room and off it goes again, cleaning away!.

The light house can also be programmed to permanently keep Roomba in one room.

Two of these units are included with the 780.

Roomba 780 Accessories

Another feature of the 780 is the touch pad control that eliminates buttons and allows programming cleaning schedules that are convenient for you and you can program up to 7 schedules per week.

A full-bin indicator is also included, just below the touch buttons.

The Home Base is where the i Robot Roomba 780 lives! This is where the unit is recharged and it will return to base, when it needs a recharge or when the current cleaning cycle is complete.

Please note that it takes up to 3-hours to re-charge the battery.

 Note also that your robotic vacuum does need routine maintenance, which is basically keeping everything clean and free of hair and dirt. Keep the bin empty and the filters free from dust.

The Contents of the Box

  • 1- Rechargeable battery and charger
  • 1- Home Base
  • 2- Virtual Wall Lighthouses
  • 1- Extra filter
  • 1- Extra side brush, flexible and bristle brushes
  • 2- Brush cleaning tools
  • 1- Remote control unit
  • 1- Instructional DVD.
  • 1- Roomba 780
  • 1- Year Limited Warranty on the Robot and 6-months Limited warranty on the battery.

The video shows all the features of the Roomba 780


  • Does a good job on hardwood and carpets.
  • Is very good for pet hair.
  • The Hepa filters work well and are easy to clean.
  • Easy to empty and maintain by cleaning the brushes.
  • Very good sensor system, that "learns" it's environment.
  • Virtual walls work well.
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Price $599.99

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  • Limited suction.
  • Noisy.
  • Gets tangled in cables and cords.
  • Does not like bath mats! ( Neither do conventional vacuums)
  • Virtual Walls require 2-C size batteries.

Before you let Roomba loose on it's own, watch it perform in a room. You will probably find you can prevent problems buy moving things out of the way or preventing the robotic vacuum from getting too close to problem areas.

When used correctly, the robot will perform well. Just remember it is not that smart and must be kept clean!

It is probably best used on a daily basis, in high traffic areas, and conventional vacuuming is performed say, once a month.

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