The Litter Robot III Open Air Automatic litter Box

Maybe the most reliable and dependable litter robot available.

You never have to scoop poop again! and the only time you may have the misfortune to smell it, maybe when you change a full plastic bag of nasties!

The unit uses clumping litter and you can use standard plastic bags, so running costs are relatively cheap, which is a good thing because this litter robot is not inexpensive.

Sequence of Operation of The Litter Robot

  • Load your favorite brand of clumping litter, to the level of the ridge, in the bowl.
  • Your furry friend then decides to use the box and enters through the oval shaped hole..
  • The weight sensor notices the presence. ( It registers weights over 5 lbs, so this is the minimum weight of your cat)
  • The cat does it's business and departs form the litter robot. This is sensed.
  • A 7 minute delay is initiated and then the cleaning cycle begins.
  • The dome starts rotating slowly counter clockwise.
  • The litter tends to stay at the bottom of the unit and the inside surface rotates.
  • The first part of the next segment of the inside surface is a perforated  so that  litter  can be separated from the clumps.
  • The next area is for any clumps to fall down to the plastic bag in the unit base.
  • The machine then stops and reverses such that the cleaned litter is deposited back in the start area of the bowl..
  • Note that the litter is completely cleaned in time for the next visit.

Items included

  • Completely assembled Litter Robot III Open air
  • Carbon filter for waste drawer
  • Plastic bag for waste drawer
  • Power supply with cord-15 VDC output
  • Instruction manual
  • Full instructions for return and repack (Hope we don't need this!)


  • Big litter chamber for cats of all sizes (Minimum weight =5Lbs)
  • Great for more than one cat.
  • After each use the litter is completely filtered, so clean litter is presented every time.
  • Less litter is used as each cycle is cleaned automatically
  • The waste drawer has a full indicator light and when full the unit will not operate.
  • Really reduces litter box odor.
  • 90 day money back guarantee and 18 month warranty.
  • Assembled and serviced in the USA.
  • 17VDC operation -safe for your cat(s)!
  • Use any normal clumping litter
  • Built in night light (Blue LED).
  • No litter rakes to jam up.
  • Easy to take apart and clean.


  • Not inexpensive!
  • Takes up a lot of space - (29.2" high x 24.1" wide x 26.7" deep)
  • Can be a bit noisy, so not recommened for the bedroom!


Before you part with your hard earned cash do take a look at the manual.. It includes lots of tips and information on plastic bags and different types of recommended litter. as well as full technical details and service information,  Click here to look.

Review Summary

Amazon shows 4.4 out of 5 stars from a total of 324 reviews. This is obviously a very high score.

Many noted that cats and owners just love this thing and their lives were so much easier with no daily litter cleaning and the fact the litter was always fresh.

The negative reviews (such as they were) were almost all about the unit not rotating and/or refusing to work. One such reviewer noted that customer service shipped a new unit out within one week.

All in all most people were very satisfied and said that the price was on the high side but well worth it!


  • Very simple
  • Only one functional moving part (The bowl) yet clumps are separated and deposited in a plastic bag inside a sealed box and litter is filtered completely 
  • This makes this unit VERY dependable


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Price=$449.00USD with FREE shipping

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