The Auto Pet Feeder from Feed and Go

This could be the ideal robot pet feeder for the smaller dog or cat. I say smaller because the larger dog may be able to destroy the plastic housing in it's frantic efforts to get to more food!

A well behaved larger dog may still enjoy this unit, especially when it hears your encouraging pre-recorded voice, inviting it to feed!

The unit can be pre-programmed from a smart phone or computer and the built in web-cam means you can watch your pet.

Sequence of operation

  • Fill the 6 -8oz cup size compartments, with wet or dry food or even treats or medications
  • Snap the lid closed.
  • Program feeding times from your computer or phone, via the manufacturer's web site
  • That's it! You can record a message for your furry friend and watch him or her at any time.
  • The tray will rotate at the programmed times to present fresh food ( It is recommended that wet food is left in the unit no longer than 24 hours)

Items Included with the Feed and Go Pet Feeder

  • Feed and Go unit with internal tray
  • USA/UK/Euro power adapter
  • USB cable

The Manual

These are well written and easy to understand instructions that includes a step by step set-up guide and full details of how to hook up to your Wi-Fi.

Click here to take a look


  • A reliable method to feed your pet when you are away from home
  • The built in web-cam gives you the ability to check in on your little friend, from any smart phone or computer at any time and ensure everything is well..
  • Easy to connect to your home Wi-Fi.
  • Gives you real time notification when your pet has been fed.
  • Feel peace of mind when you are away from home.
  • Retains program if disconnected from Wi-Fi


  • Some people had problems hooking it up to the Wi-Fi
  • There should be an App rather than a web site

Review Summary

On Amazon the unit scored 4.6 out of 5 stars from 216 reviews. Almost every pet owner was delighted with their purchase and many said it was a life changing experience!

The fact that wet food could be use was a big positive remark and everyone loved the web-cam.

The few negative comments were regarding difficulty in setting up the Wi-Fi (Just a few) and some would have preferred an App rather than the web site.


I am not sure I appreciate the commentary but this video gives you a good idea of the unit.

The size, by the way is 20.4" x 16.1" x 2.75"


This pet feeder will definitely appeal to the pet owners that love Wi Fi gadgets!

It is well engineered and of solid all plastic construction. (The bowls are dishwasher safe) 

If you are away from home it gives you great peace of mind regarding feeding you pet and as long as the more aggressive types don't wreck it trying to get more food, it should last awhile!


If you order from Amazon, the order will be processed by Feed And Go ( The manufacturer)

Price =$179.00USD with FREE shipping

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