The Best Robot Kits for Assembly by Beginners (Young and Old)

Building from robot kits is great way to learn about the fascinating world of robotics and here we have listed a collection of robot kits that are easy to assemble and can be a load of fun to build.

Great for Mum or Dad to build along with the kids who are interested in any of the STEM subjects (Science,Technology,Engineering, Math) 

The OWI 535 Robotic Arm Edge

This "Pick and Place" robot kit has a 100g lifting capacity and wired remote control of gripper, wrist, elbow, base rotation and base motion (5 axis)

It can be assembled in a few hours, with a screwdriver and no soldering is involved.

It is not the fastest robot in the world but it can be a load of fun!

Recommended for age 13 and up

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The MBot Ranger Robot Kit

This is a transformable robot that can be configured in three different forms!

It can be a robot tank, a three-wheel racing car or a self balance car.

It can be controlled and programmed with an iPad, tablet or a laptop.

Programming is ultra simple and a great teaching tool.

Assembly is simple and no soldering is required.

Can be expanded later with extra modules, so this could be the start of a brand new hobby!

Recommended for age 13 and up

OWI 14 in 1 Solar Robot

This is a solar powered robot that requires no batteries. So on a sunny day you can play for hours!

The 14 different modes, including- wagging tail dog, running beetle, walking crab,surfer,speedster-even a zombie chaser!

It can move on land as well as water and is recommended for ages 10+

These surely has to be great value for the money and would make a great stocking stuffer if the box was'nt so big!

The Meccano Meccanoid 2.0

Now this looks like a robot! It(He?,She?) is 2ft tall and has 6 motors to give realistic motion and has voice recognition.

There are 3 ways to program: Learned Intelligent movement, Ragdoll mode and drag and drop programming on a smart device (not included)

Knows over 3,000 phrases, tells stories and has robot trivia. Can be your new robot friend!

If you are familiar with Meccano from your youth then you will appreciate that building Meccanoid is no 5 minute job and I am sure our younger friends will appreciate a bit of grown-up help.

Recommended for age 10 and up

The Meccano Meccanoid XL2.0

This version is 4ft tall and has many more features like 10 motors and it needs a re-chargeable Ni-Mh battery(Included with a charger)

LED eyes feature over 500 colours and it also has voice recognition.

All the features of Meccanoid 2.0 are included but this version does have a LOT of parts., so I am sure any young person would appreciate adult help.

Recommended for age 10 and up

The OWI Hydraulic Arm Edge

The hydraulic fluid for this robot is water, so no problem for spillage or leaks! No batteries are required and assebly can be done with a screwdriver. No Soldering required.

The control levers are the "Pumps" that actuate the  6 axes, so a quick backwards and forwards motion is necessary to move the arm.

The gripper can be easily removed and a vacuum cup can then be used to"suck" flat smooth objects

Recommended for age 10 and up

The OWI 3 in 1 All Terrain Robot

This amazing robot can be re-configured into 3 different models, the forklift, the rover and the gripper. A wired controller can command movements forward, backwards, turn, grip and lift.

In forklift mode the ATR (All Terrain Robot) can lift up to 100grams.

In rover mode, the tank like treads can traverse almost any type of surface..

The gripper mode can grip.lift and move loads of up to 100grams.

This is very easy to assemble with a #1 Phillips screwdriver (make sure it is a #1 or the screws will strip). Should take about 3 hours and no soldering is required.

It does require 4xAA batteries (.Not included)

Recommended for age 13 and up

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