A Super Robot Sweeper: The Neato XV-11

The Neato XV-11 is a robot sweeper and is a direct competitor of the iRobot Roomba series. The first difference that is noticeable is the shape. The Neato has a square front, whereas the Roomba is completely circular.

Neato XV-11 Features

Neato XV-11 Features

At the front is the rubber beater brush and notice that the XV-11 does not have a side brush.

From this I would suggest that the Neato cannot get quite as close to obstacles to pick up dirt but the manufacturer claims to have the most powerful vacuum of all the robot sweepers. The price is comparable to the Roomba.

The biggest single difference is in how the robotic vacuum "knows" the room it is working in. Sitting on the top of the unit is a laser that rotates and maps the environment.

It scans at the start of a cleaning cycle and during the vacuuming. Using this technology means that the robot sweeper knows where it is at all times.

The Robot Sweeper

It starts cleaning around the edges of a room and when it progresses to an openThe Robot Sweeper. area, it moves in straight lines.

It does have sensors that advise it when the bumper has met an obstruction or when it is approaching a "cliff", like the edge of stairs.

The brush is of a rubber vane design, that may not be as efficient at picking up pet hair as a bristle brush but it does not need as frequent cleaning as the bristle does.

The Robot Sweeper.

On top of the unit is a recessed handle and the top of the dust bin that can be removed for cleaning purposes. The large orange button wakes up the robot vacuum and starts it cleaning. Just above the button is the LCD screen, where all the programming occurs. Here you can program which day and time you would the robot to clean.

The last item of interest, on the top surface, is the laser scanner. This unit rotates around and "maps" the surroundings. The laser has a power of 2.1mW at a wave length of 785nm, which is the near infrared and therefore invisible. It is designated as a Class 1 laser and as such is safe for both humans and pets.

The docking station is where The Neato XV11 recharges and where it "lives" when not working. The unit is flat and intended to be placed at the bottom of a wall. The charging chord is internally stored and can be extended to the closest power point.

The Robot Sweeper

If you have areas that you do not want the robot sweeper to enter, then a magneticThe Robot Sweeper. strip can be laid down. There is a total of 15 feet included with the robot and more can be purchased, if required.

The robot will effectively clean carpets, rugs, hard floors and tile surfaces. The overall height of the unit is just under 4", so it can pass under furniture and beds that are higher.

This is a very interesting robotic vacuum that will effectively clean most surfaces found around your home.

The Contents of the Box

  • 1- Neato XV-11 robot vacuum.
  • 1- Home and charging station.
  • Power cord.
  • Magnetic boundary strip.
  • User instructions.
  • Quick start-up information.

Video of the Neato XV-11


  • Very powerful vacuum.
  • Laser mapping system means that this robot sweeper "Knows" where it is, at all times.
  • Can clean a room and then progress to the next room.
  • Great at keeping pet hair under control.
  • Easy to maintain and large dust bin is easy to empty.
  • Clear top to bin makes it easy to see if it requires emptying.


  • Noisy.
  • Will not clean stairs.
  • Will tangle in cords and some rug fringes.

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