The iRobot Roomba 960: A great Robot Vacuum

This robot vacuum can clean a whole floor with automatic recharging and resume cleaning features.

The iRobot Home App allows cleaning and scheduling from anywhere by using your smart phone. See the status of the robot vacuum at any time.

The iRobot Roomba 960 robot vacuum

Comparing the Roomba 960 to the 880 module, the first difference can be seen by the Home App that allows remote scheduling and status from your smart phone.

The "Recharge and Resume" feature gives Roomba the ability to clean a whole floor and the Dual Mode Virtual Wall can form an isolation circle around areas where the robot vacuum should not venture.

Features of the Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

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Note that the features marked with an (X) are items that are extra or different to the features of the Roomba 880

What's in the Box

iRobot Roomba 960 box contents

This photo originates from the Amazon page and is a "screen shot" form a customer's video and does show very clearly the items included in the shipment.

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iRobot Roomba 960 navigation path
iRobot Roomba iAdapt Nav 2 system

This robot vacuum cleaner does not clean in a pattern most humans would use,

It has 4 basic patterns that it can call upon and determines when to use them for the most efficiency-

  • Spiraling: Roomba uses this motion to clean in one area
  • Wall Following:This technique is used to clean the full perimeter of the room and navigate around furniture and obstacles.
  • Room Crossing: The robot crisscrosses the room to ensure full coverage
  • Dirt Detection: On board sensors can detect patches of dirt and debris and clean more intently in that area
  • Cliff Detection Sensors: If the Roomba comes across a stairway, it stops and reverses and continues on a safe path. This feature can be a problem if you have carpets with black or very dark color strips. I have heard that it may be possible to cover up the appropriate sensor with tape, but then the Roomba may fall down any stairs!
  • Special for the Roomba 960 is the iAdapt®2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization. This allows the robot vacuum to seamlessly navigate a complete level of your house and keep track of it's position

If you think you have seen this feature before, you are correct! The original can be seen by clicking here.

The AeroForce® 3 Stage Cleaning System

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iRobor Roomba Aeroforce claeaning system

The 3 stages are-

  1. Agitation-the rubber coated extractors loosen embedded debris from carpets and rugs.
  2. Extraction-The counter-rotating extractors lift dust and debris from the surface.
  3. Suction- The vacuum pulls dirt into the bin.

There is 5  times the power of the 650 model and hair entanglements are much easier to remove

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It is a bit like setting a digital alarm clock! You can program any time of the day to start and set up to 7 times per week.

The  short video below shows how it works-

This feature was originally published on the "2016 iRobot Roomba Comparison page " Click here to view

Recharge and Resume 

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iRobor Roomba charging station

The robot cleans continuously for up to 75 minutes, then automatically returns to the Home Charging Station and plugs itself in and charges. This can take approximately up to 75 minutes.

When charging is complete, the cleaning process is completed.

This feature is unique to the 900 series robots.

Please note that all times are approximate and depend on floor types and conditions and the age of the batteries.

Stairs Detect Sensor

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iRobot Roomba stair sensors

Stairs do not present a problem, due to sensors mounted on the bottom of Roomba, that sense an edge and the unit reverses before it tumbles down!

One problem with these sensors is if you have a black carpet or black stripes on a carpet. The sensors "think" these are stairs and will not clean these areas!

I have heard of customers taping off the sensors with clear tape but I do not know how successful this "Fix" is!

Do ensure that there is plenty of light in the area, so as to aide the sensors.

This description was initially published on our page dedicated to the Roomba 650. Click here to visit that page.

Dual Mode Virtual Wall

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iRobot Roomba Dual Mode Virtual Wall

This unit can be used as a"virtual wall" and keep the Roomba in the rooms that need to be cleaned.

If set to "halo" mode then a 4 ft. (1.2M) diameter keep-out zone is created, that can keep the robot away from pet dishes or Christmas trees etc.

Unit is powered with 2 AA cells and a set is included with the original purchase.

This was originally published on our page showing "The iRobot Robotic Vacuum Comparison" Click here to visit this page

Dirt Detect Series 2

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iRobot Roomba Dirt Detect System

Optical and acoustic sensors detect high concentrations of dirt ,debris,dust and pet hair and the robot will do several passes over the area, ensuring it is as clean as possible.

A spinning side brush sweeps dust and dirt from wall edges and corners into the path of the 3-stage cleaning system.

High efficiency Heppa filters capture 99% of allergens, pollen and small particles down to 10 microns in size.

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Run Time=75 minutes

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The Roomba 960 will run for approximately 75 minutes after a complete charge.

As mentioned previously, when the robot vacuum needs a recharge, it will return to the Home  Base and recharge and then resume cleaning, where it left off.

This feature is unique to the 900 series Roombas

iRobot Home App.

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iRobot Home App.

Just the 960 and 980 models have this feature.

You can connect from your smart phone and check the status of the robotic vacuum.

You can select custom cleaning preferences and change schedules. Very convenient!

This information was first presented on the page "iRobot Robotic Vacuum Comparison". Click here to see this page on this site.

iRobot Roomba 960 Conclusions

If you live in a large home that takes a lot of vacuuming, then you should seriously consider the Roomba 960.

If you have pets you will especially appreciate how clean you can keep the house!

If you do not really understand robot vacuums, then take a look at this site. It explains in detail how the Roombas work.

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