The iRobot Roomba 530

The Roomba 530 is the least expensive robot vacuum cleaner available from iRobot.

Roomba 530 Features

Roomba 530 Features

The 530 is the second in this series and has the same basic features as the Roomba 560 but has a few features absent. For instance the ability to schedule for a 7 day period is not available.

The other difference is that Auto Virtual Walls are replaced by the standard units. These wall must be turned on and off every time they are needed.

Without these features the 530 costs less than the Roomba 560.

Here we can see the Roomba 530 following a wall. The i Robot vacuum will continue to follow this wall until it meets an obstruction or stairs. If it bumps into a solid obstacle, it will maneuver around it.

The side brush can also be seen, sweeping debris from the corner of the wall and into the counter-rotating brushes that act like a dustpan and brush.

Roomba 560

The 530 could well be the best robotic vacuum for your needs. It easily negotiates and cleans hardwood, tile , linoleum and carpet. The tassels on some rugs can be negotiated with the Anti-Tangle Technology.

Roomba 560 Accessories

Roomba 560 Accessories

The Home base is where the robot vacuum cleaner "lives". It will return here when a cleaning cycle is complete or when a recharge is necessary.

Note that each cleaning cycle must start at the home base, in order for it to be able to return automatically.

The Virtual Wall emits an infrared light for a distance of up to 7 feet. The Roomba 530 will not pass this light, thus the robot vacuum cleaner can be limited to one room or area. Two units are included with the package.

Note that this unit is not "Auto", so it does not switch off when Roomba moves away. Battery life should be shorter than an "Auto " unit.

Using iAdapt Technology, the 530 will vacuum every section of your room multiple times and get into areas that are not easily reached. The i Robot vacuum selects from dozens of robotic programs more than 60 times per second to optimize floor coverage.

The Dirt Detect Technology uses an acoustic sensor to find dirtier areas and spends more time cleaning them.

The Contents of the Box

  • 1-Roomba 530.
  • 1- Compact home base, with built-in charger.
  • 2-Virtual Walls( Not Auto).
  • 1-Extra filter. (Conventional-not Hepa).
  • 1- Rechargeable battery.
  • 1- Brush cleaning tool.
  • 1- Year conditional warranty on  Robot vacuum.
  • 6-month conditional warranty on battery.

Video of the iRobot Model 530

This video shows all the features of the 530 and is well worth a look


Review Snapshot

According to the reviews on the iRobot web site, for this robot vacuum cleaner, the average stars were 4.4, out of a possible 5, based on 361 customer reviews. 92% of the reviewers interviewed would recommend the Roomba 530 to a friend.

The same customer base was used to come up with the following-


  • Effective cleaning.
  • Cleans under beds and low furniture.
  • Complete room coverage.
  • Easy operation.
  • Friendly to pets.


  • Can get stuck-Watch the first complete cycle to clear away obstacles.
  • Does require frequent maintenance.
  • Will not clean stairs- I think we will need a Roomba with legs to achieve that!
  • Noisy.

Charge does not last long enough- I think this must be for a really large room. Other comments were that battery life was acceptable!

The IRobot Roomba 530 has been replaced by the 630 and is in stock!

Price $349.99

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