The iRobot Roomba Vacuum Robot Model 770

The Roomba vacuum robot, Model 770 uses the patented 3-stage cleaning process that is unique to the range of iRobot cleaners. It features concentrated cleaning for the dirtiest areas and a full bin indicator.

Roomba Model 770 Features

Roomba Model 770

When  comparing the Model 770 to the i Robot Roomba 780 we can see that the 770 does not have the ability to use the Lighthouse technology and it does use buttons in place of a touch screen.

The Lighthouse system allows the robot vacuum cleaner to completely finish one room, before it is allowed to start a second. Also there are no spare brushes included.

The absence of these features, does mean that the price of this robotic vacuum cleaner is a little less than the price of the model 780.

This robotic vacuum cleaner can automatically adjust for carpets, hardwood and tile floors.The Advanced Cleaning Head is designed with pet owners in mind and offers superior performance in picking up pet hair, allergens, dust dirt and more.

The efficient AeroVac Series 2 bin is a single chamber box that fills evenly and the powerful vacuum aggressively pulls debris and hair off the brushes and into the bin. The dual Hepa filters capture dust particles as small as 0.3 microns and leaves the air fresher and healthier.

The dual Hepa filters capture dust particles as small as 0.3 microns and leaves the air fresher and healthier.

Here we can see the AeroVac Series 2 bin. The door is open and the 2 Hepa filters are positioned at the left and right.

The overall height of the unit is 3.6", so it can easily navigate under beds, furniture and overhanging cupboards. It also senses, by using optic and acoustic sensors, that high dirt areas are present and employs a back and forth action, until the area is clean.

Roomba Model 770 Accessories

The Roomba vacuum robot, Model 770, will return to the charge station, when the robotic vacuum cleaner has completed cleaning or if it is need of a re-charge, part-way through a cleaning program.

Note that a full charge takes approximately 3 hours.

The On-Board Scheduling feature allows up to 7 programs per week, so Roomba can work alone, when no one else is home!

The remote control unit, can be used to turn the unit on or off and perform regular and spot cleaning. It can also be used to steer the Roomba around the room.

The Auto Virtual Wall is used to close off a room or an area, that is not required to be accessed by the Roomba  vacuum robot. It emits an infrared light for a distance of 4 to7 feet and if it is switched to "Auto", never needs switching on or off!

It is powered by 2-C size batteries, (That are NOT included) that should last up to 6 months, if  the wall is switched to "Auto"

Note that 2 of these units are included with the 770.

Note that the difference between the "Lighthouse", used with the i Robot Roomba 780 and the "Auto Virtual Wall", used with the Roomba Vacuum Robot 770, is that the Wall creates a permanent barrier to the robotic vacuum cleaner.

The Lighthouse is a temporary wall, that keeps the robot in one room, until it is finished and then allows it into a second room.

The Contents of the Box.

  • 1- iRobot model 770.
  • 1- rechargeable battery
  • 1-Home Base charging unit.
  • 2- Auto Virtual Walls.
  • 2- Brush cleaning tools.
  • 1- Extra filter.
  • 1- Remote Control unit.
  • 1- Instructional DVD.
  • I-Year Limited Warranty on Robot.
  • 6-Months limited Warranty on the battery


  • Does excellent cleaning job on hardwood and carpet flooring.
  • Modern appearance.
  • Hepa Filters work very well and are easy to clean.
  • Finds dirty spots and repeats cleaning cycle until clean.
  • Excellent at picking up pet hair.


  • Still possible to bump hard into some furniture shapes.
  • Gets tangled in cords and cables.

All in all, this is an excellent Roomba vacuum robot, that will serve you well. Just remember that it is a machine, and although very smart, it is still a machine! It will work on it's own and do an excellent job of vacuuming.

My usual advice of watching it work through a complete cycle and resolving any issues you see, is still excellent advise. This model is excellent value for the money spent. A little less than the i Robot Roomba 780, but with a lot of it's features- consider the Roomba vacuum robot Model 770!

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